Tape Solutions for the Fixation of Coils

Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator and freezer coils are attached as closely and tightly as possible to the polystyrene body to enable the highest rate of temperature transfer.

In order to perform their best, freezer coils should be bonded as closely as possible to the polystyrene body of an appliance. In this way, the highest rate of temperature transfer is possible. This process is even more effective when using an aluminum foil based tape.

Our single-sided aluminum tapes are more heat-resistant – they withstand temperatures up to 160°C – and can be used to secure the cooling lines in refrigeration. The main difference between our aluminum foil tapes is the thickness of the aluminum foil backing. They are available in 2.6, 3.5, and 4.9 mils total thickness. The conformable 2.6 mil tapes easily adapt to curved surfaces, while the robust 4.9 mil tapes have the highest abrasion resistance and the highest mechanical stability. All tape designs are tested for flame retardance in accordance with the requirements of UL 723 and 510A.

For each of the three types, there is a version with a paper liner, which makes the product suitable for die cutting. Additionally the liner increases stability in tape processing and offers the best anchorage for the insulating foam.