Melamine Splicing Tape
Next generation splicing of melamine production

Introducing tesa® 54951 and tesa® 51951

Benefits of our new décor paper splicing tapes

One fits all
One tape for different paper qualities
Highest splice security
Ensures stable production and minimizes waste
Time savings
Due to easy and fast job preparation
Maximized overall efficiency
Quicker splicing using one tape instead of multiple

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Melamine splicing: remove liner

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This kit includes: 

  • tesa® 54951 tape sample 
  • 5 sheets of splitting labels
  • Pen 
  • Squeegee 
tesa® 54951 melamine splicing

01The one tape that fits all for the melamine splicing market

In today's world, the demands that face splicing solutions are more challenging than ever. Different paper types, higher speeds, and the focus to increase output call for a new splicing tape generation. In the past, multiple tapes were required to fulfill the demands and needs for melamine board production. With our new, specially developed splicing tapes, we are able to check all the boxes for more efficient processes.

Product overview

tesa® 54951tesa® 51951tesa® 54242 
For easy and fast application:
applied in one straight line,
integrated segmented design
For manual tape application:
applied in several individual
stripes of tape
Split labels