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Smart Speaker

Adhesive solutions for your voice assistant.

Smart speakers began their triumphant progress in 2015. They can now be found in many households worldwide. The intelligent loudspeakers are fitted with a voice assistant and have a wide range of use capabilities. Possible uses go far beyond replaying or streaming music. Smart speakers often serve as control centers for numerous smart home functions.

What are smart speakers?

A smart speaker is an intelligent loudspeaker and far more than a normal loudspeaker. They are fitted with a voice assistant and connected to the Internet. The assistant understands particular voice commands and carries them out. A smart speaker can replay music or other audio files from the local network or from Internet streaming providers and much more. To carry out commands, the loudspeaker records the words spoken in the room via the built-in microphones and waits for a signal word that differs from product to product. It forwards the commands following the signal word for analysis to software on the Internet This uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret language and recognize individual voice commands. Smart speakers are not limited just to replaying music. For example, they answer questions about the weather, time or the next appointment. Several of the devices can be integrated into the smart home and enable the user to control all kinds of functions in an intelligent environment.

The smart speaker market boasts tremendous growth rates. In the second quarter of 2019, the market chalked up striking year-on-year growth of 25 percent. Experts expect 200 million devices to have been sold by the end of 2020. As a result, smart speakers are among the fastest growing technologies in the consumer area.

Components of smart speakers and adhesive applications

Smart speakers comprise many individual components. Various loudspeakers with specific properties and frequency spectra, such as sub-woofers, are often integrated. Complex internal structures and special insulation or dampers provide a high-quality audio replay. Vibration of individual components or of the housing must be reliably avoided by corresponding adhesive and attachment technology. Microphones that are usually aligned in several different directions record spoken commands in the surroundings. The motherboard with processor unit and memory are the centerpiece of the smart speaker.

Adhesive solutions are often used for the assembly of these components. Below you will find an overview of the most common applications for smart speakers:

  • Lens mounting
  • Battery mounting
  • FPCs mounting
  • PCBs mounting
  • Antenna mounting
  • Speaker mesh mounting
  • Button fixation
  • Deco/logo mounting
  • Display lamination
  • Shielding and grounding
  • Covering
High bonding strength
Impact resistance
LSE performance
Temperature resistance

Adhesive solutions for smart speakers

Every project is individual and has specific requirements. Our ambition is always to provide you with the most suitable solution. Our existing product portfolio offers established, reliably high-performance adhesive systems with specialized properties to meet your demands. In addition, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions in a cooperative partnership.​

​Please contact us directly or ask your local representative about your possibilities.

Solutions for your success

Assortment Exemplary case studies Use this assortment when your main requirements are
Double-sided Film Tapes • Lens mounting
• Battery mounting
• FPC mounting
• Very good bonding
• Good wetting
• Efficient die-cutting
• Specific properties (e.g., Anti-repulsion, Chemical resistant, Differential bonding properties, bonding on LSE substrates and many more) 
Acrylic Foam Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding
• Superior impact resistance
• Very good sealing and waterproofing
• Chemical resistance
PE Foams Tapes • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Component mounting
• Impact resistance
• Anti-repulsion
• Reworkability
Synthetic Foam Tapes • Battery mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Quick bonding properties, even on LSE substrates
• Impact resistance
Bond & Detach® • Battery mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior, residue-free removability
• Impact resistance
Structural Bonding Solutions • Lens mounting
• Back cover mounting
• Fabric mounting
• Component mounting
• Superior bonding power, even on small bonding areas
• Superior sealing properties
• Anti-repulsion
• Chemical resistance
Electrically Conductive Tapes • Grounding
• Shielding
• Conductive gap-filling
• Electrical conductivity
• EMI shielding
Display Lamination Tapes • Cover lens to touch panel
• Touch panel to display panel
• Flexible layers
• Optical clarity
• Specific properties (e.g., moisture blocking, moisture managing,  outgassing resistance, UV-blocking, and many more)