tesa® Plate Mounting

Plate Mounting Solutions

We know printing

At tesa, we’ve really gotten to know the ropes of the printing industry. But it’s not something that happened easily, or overnight. As many of our customers will attest, we’re never afraid to roll up our sleeves and dig in to help solve a complex problem. Over the years, that’s added up to some serious sweat equity.


In short, we’re invested. Our purpose is to make life easier in the plate mounting world with advanced adhesive technologies. It’s also worth noting that we’ve got a team of industry experts and engineers dedicated to helping you be more successful.


We love adhesion

Now, we know that no two operations are alike. So we always start by asking a lot of questions. Then we work right alongside you to gain a deep understanding of the challenges you face every day. That’s how we’re able to deliver truly dependable plate-mounting solutions to meet your unique needs. 


The bottom line: we’re not happy until you have plate mounting super powers! Whether that’s in the form of foam tapes, our reusable self-adhesive sleeve, or solutions for corrugated post-print, compressible sleeves, edge sealing, letterpress, or… you name it. Get ready for big improvements in speed, quality, efficiency and cost.

Plate-mounting Product Assortment Overview

Sticky Back Tape

Are you “old school” when it comes to foam tapes, or do you prefer newer, more flexible designs? Either way, we have you covered. That’s why we make our foam tapes with new-generation adhesives available – on both classic and flex designs.

No matter the age or type of your equipment, what you’re printing – or whether you’re using cylinders or sleeves – we know you’re going to love how our foam tapes perform in your operation. They’ll help you solve problems like plate lift, halos, dot gain, plate damage in demount and other nagging issues. And, how about reduced setup time? Increased press speeds? Less downtime? Shorter turn-around times? Check, check, aaand check. 

To help you get started, we’ve created the FOAM ADVISOR – a product selection tool that will help you identify the perfect combination of printing plate and plate mounting tape essential for achieving optimal print results in your operation. Find out which tape suits you best by providing your existing process parameters.

Reusable Self-adhesive Printing Sleeve

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we all need to do our part. So we set out to make an environmentally responsible plate-mounting option that doesn’t come at a major expense – or the sacrifice of quality. Voila, we give you tesa Twinlock®, a self-adhesive plate-mounting solution that supports our, your and your customers’ sustainability goals. Ok, it didn’t happen at the wave of a wand. Our hardworking engineers put in a lot of time, energy and brain power to develop tesa® Twinlock. 

How does it work?

  • First, you select a base sleeve, or cylinder, from your favorite supplier.
  • Then, we add a polyurethane (PU) foam layer on to the top of the base sleeve.
  • The PU foam is coated with a unique polymer that’s formulated to remain permanently tacky, so you can use it over and over and over.

Now that’s a sustainable solution.

Did someone say ROI? Fact is, if your team performs the recommended cleaning and handling procedures and follows proper standard operating procedures, there’s no limit to how many times tesa® Twinlock can be used. It really doesn’t take long to do the math! 

Corrugated Board Post-Print Plate Mounting Tape

Despite the old saying, a book is often judged by its cover. So if you’re direct printing on corrugated packaging, especially if the packaging represents a brand, there’s no messing around. It’s got to look good, and we’re here to help.

Our uniquely formulated tapes hold the plate tightly in position while withstanding high speeds and temperatures during even the longest press runs. What if things don’t go perfectly during set up? Don’t worry. These plate mounting tapes allow for some initial repositioning when needed. After that, it’s ready for the long haul!

A big bonus our corrugated post printing tapes offer: different thicknesses to serve different needs, from 4 mil up to 15 mil.

Incompressible Tapes

Incompressible tapes just don’t get the recognition they deserve, do they? These hardworking tapes do a lot for the printing world, even though their foam tape siblings always seem to hog the spotlight. Well, it’s time for thin tapes to stand and be counted! After all, which tape do you turn to when you’re printing labels, embossing, stamping or laminating? These are important processes to get right, so step aside foam tape, and make way for our superstar thin tape assortment!

These tapes come with either a film or cloth backing. And while they may be thin, don’t be fooled. They’ve got lots of adhesive power for a variety of jobs, like printing corrugated board (postprint), flexo printing of film with compressible sleeves, letterpress printing of labels – even dry offset printing of cups, just to name a few.   

Edge-sealing Tapes

Lift off might be great in the aerospace industry, but it’s anything but great in the flexo printing world. That’s why preventive measures like edge sealing are never a bad idea, especially if it’s a quick and easy step.

Depending on the type of plates and sleeves you’re using, let’s say you’re mounting with our tesa Softprint® on sleeves, or even with tesa® Twinlock. Applying one of our edge-sealing tapes gives you an added measure of security by holding the edge of the plate down good and tight. This not only helps ensure the highest print quality, it also provides a physical barrier to prevent solvent from getting underneath the plate, which can cause the edge of the plate to lift. And, we’re guessing we don’t need to tell you about all the problems that can lead to!

We developed these edge-sealing tapes so that they stay on securely during press runs without any damage or residue after the tape is removed. Simple to apply. Saves the headache. Comes off easy.