High-Performance Masking tesa® 4338 Green

Ready to Simplify your Painting Applications?


Most masking tapes are made for specific tasks. You know the deal: one tape for general painting purposes, another for painting fine lines and yet another for high-temperature processes, and so on. You have to buy an entire line of tapes, keep track of which one is for what, careful not to use the wrong tape, and make sure inventory is stocked with all these different tapes. It gets complicated. 


Wouldn’t life be easier with just one tape that did it all?


Yep, plus it just makes better sense, right? Now, one thing you need to know about our engineers: You give them a complicated problem involving adhesive tapes, and they are going to solve it.


So we briefed them on all of this, and they went to work. What they came up with is tesa® 4338 Green, a multi-tasking masking tape that can be used for a number of different applications.


For you, that means buying one masking tape instead of an entire line. For your operators, it means only ever having to reach for one tape, no matter what task they’re prepping for. 

Watch the video to experience the benefits of tesa® 4338 Green

tesa® 4338 Green gives you:

  • UV and weather resistance up to 7 days without residues
  • High temperature resistance | Multiple drying cycles
  • High visibility (bright green color)
  • Highly conformable
  • Thin/clean paint edge due to lower tape thickness
  • Superior peel adhesion provides secure bonding
  • Excellent handling properties

tesa® 4338 Green is completely operator friendly:

  • Easy to unwind
  • Finger friendly
  • Quick stick adhesive
  • Secure Fixation
  • Easily pulled up and repositioned
  • Excellent elogantion properties (won't tear around curves)
  • Demasks beautifully 
  • Removes without residue
  • Leaves a clean, crisp paint line

tesa® 4338 Green Product Information

Product Backing Type of Adhesive Color Total Thickness  [µm | mils] Adhesion to Steel [N/cm | oz/in] Tensile Strength [N/cm | lbs/in] Elongation at Break [%] Temperature Resistance [°C | °F] UV Resistance ]days\
Smooth crepe Paper Natural rubber Green 145 | 5.7 3.5 | 32 43 | 2 13 120 | 248 7
Download the tesa® 4338 Green literature

If you think we made tesa® 4338 Green just for you, you're 100% correct.


The bottom line is, we’re tape nerds. We’ve been making high-performance adhesive tapes for a long time. It’s what we do, and we like to do it well.


So we really do get it. We understand that there’s simply no room for error in what you do – whether that’s painting a hull or an RV, installing a window, painting a room or any sort of DIY job at home. The motivating factor behind what we do is to give you the tools to do what you do, perfectly. And that’s why we made tesa® 4338 Green.

We made this robust masking tape so you can get the results that make you look like a world champion.