Hydrophilic films

Hydrophilic Films

Our hydrophilic films have proven successful in various studies and their use in IVD biosensors has confirmed this. They offer excellent performance and ageing characteristics.

tesa’s hydrophilic films are especially designed for use as a top tape to secure fluid flow in capillary cell biosensors. They consist of transparent PET films with a non-adhesive hydrophilic coating on one side. Thicknesses between 50 and 250 µm are available to match your requirements.tesa hydrophilic films feature:

  • Fast and reliable fluid flow
  • Low contact angles for optimal wettability
  • Proven compatibility with many enzymes
  • Excellent ageing stability
  • Reliable bonding of the hydrophilic side to tesa® Spacer Tape
  • Proven performance and integrity of multi-layers with tesa® Spacer Tape after ageing