Permanent surface protection

Our paint protection films protect the vehicle’s finish from stone-chip damage and scratches.

Once you have converted your vehicle it makes sense to keep it in the best possible condition for the longest possible time. Depending on the design and use of the vehicle, there are certain areas that are highly vulnerable to mechanical damage and scratches. Paint damage causes serious corrosion over time, and its elimination can often involve expensive repairs.

Our permanent surface paint protection tape is a simple, highly effective way for you to keep your customers’ new vehicles in the best condition possible. The thin, durable and almost invisible car body protection film is applied to high-impact areas of the vehicle like wheel arches and high traffic access areas on delivery vans or ambulances. By creating a barrier, it protects the vehicle from stone chippings, mud, salt, harsh winter conditions and more, without changing the look of the car. Due to its long-term UV resistance the film does not turn yellow, but remains invisible throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.