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With name recognition of 98 per cent and a degree of popularity of 76 per cent (GfK, 2012), tesa is one of the strongest brands in its home market of Germany. The brand’s name has even made it into the Duden, the authoritative dictionary of the German language. But tesa is more than just the celebrated classic adhesive tape: Now a European stock corporation and wholly owned affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (whose other brands include NIVEA, Eucerin, and la prairie), we offer more than 7,000 product and system solutions aimed at ensuring, among other things, that state-of-the-art electronics can become ever more multifunctional, with increasingly higher levels of performance.


tesa speeds up flying splices in newspaper printing, partners with the automotive industry on a range of different applications, optimises energy efficiency in private households and prevents product piracy with clever security concepts. In addition, the company develops and produces medicated adhesive patch products for the pharmaceuticals industry and extremely high-performance adhesive tapes for the construction sector, where they are used in façade elements and stand up to the toughest conditions, even including earthquakes and hurricanes.