Electrical Insulation Tapes

Insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity effectively with tesa's range of insulation tapes that meet international safety standards and protect against abrasion, fire and extreme conditions.

tesa's range of electrical insulation tapes are designed to cover and protect electrical wires from ageing, weather, abrasion and fire, based on two international safety standards, the IEC and IMQ. Our electrical tapes come in various backing materials, colors, thicknesses and elongation to meet your every need.

Our PET film backed, polyester insulation tapes are designed for the insulation of coils in motors and transformers, as well as high tension cable terminals. These conductive tapes have high break down voltage, high conformability and are resistant to varnish and tears or punctures.

Our electrical tapes in Xtreme Conditions range are made of silicone and offers unmatched resistance to chemicals, oils, acids, solvents, saltwater, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. These insulation tapes bond create a water tight, permanent sealing.

Discover the various electrically conductive insulation tapes in tesa's range below.

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