Bond & Detach

Stretch-Release Tapes for Residue-Free Removability

With our Bond & Detach® solutions, we revolutionized reworkability by developing tapes that permanently mount components but leave the option to easily remove them for repairing or recycling purposes without leaving residues.

Typical applications of our Bond & Detach® assortment

Battery mounting in mobile devices

Reliable bonding, impact resistance, and low shifting. Matches the EU Battery Directive.

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Mounting of high value or critical components

Component protection with impact resistance and high bonding strength. Fast, secure, and costefficient repairing and recycling.

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Temporary fixation of components

Quick, reliable bonding. Easily removable without leaving residues.

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The tesa Bond & Detach® technology

Bond & Detach® is an extraordinary adhesive technology used for demanding bonding applications that provides the option to be removed residue-free by stretching. The unique and patented technology was developed by tesa and offers the possibility of simple and secure reworkability during the entire product life cycle of an electronic device – from production to end of life. Besides that the whole Bond & Detach® assortment provides very good impact resistance and bonding strength, even on LSE substrates.

tesa Bond & Detach® 704xx/703xx/706xx

These series are designed for applications demanding high bonding strength and reworkability. They have the best bonding performance within the Bond & Detach® assortment and they are available in a broad range of thicknesses and different colors. The black series 706xx offers good light-blocking properties.

tesa Bond & Detach® 672xx

In addition to the general Bond & Detach® features, the special cushioning adhesive used for the 672xx series provides improved impact resistance. The removability of these products is also improved by the stretchable PU backing used.



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tesa Bond & Detach® 770xx/648xx

The performance of these highly impact-resistant and very tacky series is based on the innovative tesa foaming technology. The backing is a new development with the specific goal to further improve the removability of these products by enhancing the tear resistance and reducing the force required to remove the tape.


Stretch-release technology

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