Inner door fixation
Adhesive Tape Solutions for Door Systems

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Door Systems

From mounting to protection – we help you to supply highly functional door panels.

An Open Door to Functionality and Style

Modern automotive door panels offer high comfort, style and functionality. This leads to various surface technologies and exacting customer requirements. We have developed special self-adhesive solutions, which meet all the requirements of door applications.

During the entire product development process, it is our business to support you and your products on a daily basis. We put you and your suppliers first by giving you individual attention and advice for optimal results. We have the converting capabilities and dispenser know-how to provide you with the right customised solution for your requirements.

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Permanent fixation
Door panel protection
Fixation and damping

Permanent mounting

Surface protection

Mounting and damping

Door Applications

Our tapes are suited to the different steps of door assembly. The proven benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Permanent mounting of decorative trims, door pads, frames, crash sensors and various materials, such as leather, foam, textiles and plastic
  • Enhanced driving comfort through the elimination of BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle) and airborne noise
  • Bundling and mounting of harnesses in the door panel
  • Reliable mounting of roller blind components
  • Surface protection of components such as decorative trims, door panels, door handles, armrests and door sills against mechanical impact and dust ingress
  • Water shield sealing and insulation for door panels
  • Light blocking for ambient lights
  • Mounting of LED FPC and light components
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tesa® 4962
3 %
160 µm
tackified acrylic
tesa® 4965
PET film
50 %
205 µm
tackified acrylic
tesa® 51132
PE film
250 %
85 µm
tesa® 51136
PE film
300 %
105 µm
tesa® 51618
PET fleece
20 %
250 µm
rubber based
tesa® 51970
PP film
150 %
220 µm
tackified acrylic
tesa® 54657
acrylic-coated cloth
7.5 %
290 µm
thermosetting natural rubber