Electronics: Shielding & Grounding

Our Conductive Tapes Allow Proper Grounding for Demanding Applications

Electrically conductive adhesive solutions for shielding and grounding applications in your electronic devices.

Our Conductive Adhesives for Grounding and Shielding

More compact devices increase the chance of short circuits and noise from various types of EMI in small spaces. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of grounding and electrically conductive tapes. Our assortment includes single and double-sided tapes in combination with a variety of backings and thicknesses.

Application Examples

  • FPC bonding / FPC grounding
  • PCB bonding / PCB grounding
  • Display EMI shielding
  • Antenna mounting
  • Metal-to-metal grounding
  • Metal-to-metal housing for shielding

Product Features

  • Excellent electrical conductivity in X, Y and Z directions
  • Reliable bonding over time
  • High adhesion level
  • Excellent conformability
  • Good EMI shielding performance

Our Solutions

  • Electrically conductive, isotropic foam tapes
  • Electrically conductive, isotropic non-woven tapes
  • Electrically conductive, isotropic single-sided matte black woven tapes
  • Electrically conductive, isotropic woven tapes
  • Electrically conductive, isotropic woven removable tapes