Masking Tapes

Masking tapes, also known as painters' tape, are essential for painting as they provide perfect, sharp edges, are easy to use and remove without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Masking Tape Uses, Requirements and Types

The uses of masking tape which  is manifold, from general purpose masking, wet painting, stencilling, stoving, spray painting, and sandblasting to high temperature masking tapes for applications such as powder coating and printed circuit board manufacture.

With decades of experience as a manufacturer of masking tape, tesa offers an extensive range of tapes in different materials – cloth, film and paper, all of which offer ease of use and clean removal – to address the many uses of masking tapes.

Generally, the nature of the application, the paint or coating system and temperature at which it dries or cures will determines the required characteristics of the masking tape, such as the type of paper backing used e.g. creped, flatback or filmic, as well as the adhesive.Rubber adhesives are primarily used but when temperatures reach above 160°C a silicone adhesive is required.

For some masking applications such as sandblasting, temperature resistance isn’t a prerequisite. In this case a strong, thick backing which is resistant to an abrasive under high pressure is vital; but the masking tapes must also allow clean removal, without leaving any residues and without damaging the substrate it is masking.

As one of the primary manufacturers of masking tapes worldwide, tesa offers three categories of masking tapes:

Cloth Masking Tapes

Cloth tapes offer superior performance and unique functionality that goes far beyond ordinary duct tape. Applications are endless, including use in extreme temperatures and climatic conditions.

Filmic Masking Tapes

When precise masking is critical, filmic tapes are the products of choice. These products are also referred to as fine-line tapes; the name speaks for itself.

Paper Masking Tapes

The ideal painters’ tape, paper masking tape is the quick, easy and efficient products solution for general purpose masking, all at an affordable price.

Explore tesa's masking tapes for a wide range of uses below: