tesa® Corrugator Design Tapes


Our self-adhesive speciality tapes used to open, close and reinforce boxes offer the highest production efficiency and process security.

In-line design tape application corrugator
In-line design tape application corrugator

Our decades of experience as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive tape have not only resulted in a comprehensive product assortment. Our company also focuses very much on our customers’ processes and we constantly strive to understand and solve process needs. Of particular importance to the corrugator industry is not only our dedicated team of tape experts, but also our support when it comes to in-line applicator solutions. And that is what makes us great to work with.

Applied in-line at the “dry end” of your corrugator production line, our self-adhesive tapes ensure high performance and secure processes, even at high production speeds.


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Double-sided Tape for Closing Corrugated Box

Corrugated box closing tape
Corrugated box closing tape

Secure closing of corrugated boxes is a matter of transport safety and premium appearance. Our assortment of double-sided tape combines well-balanced adhesion properties with various different types of tape backings and liner materials, so you can always find the perfect solution to your specific application and in-line process needs.

Features of double-sided tape:

  • Transparent
  • High shear resistance
  • Fast liner removal due to fingerlift
  • High initial adhesion for fast closure
  • Reliable bonding performance even at high temperature
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tesa® 6965
205 µm
PET film
tackified acrylic
50 %
tesa® 64624
175 µm
synthetic rubber
140 %

Tear Tape for Corrugated Box Opening

Corrugated box opening tape
Corrugated box opening tape

Increase user friendliness and therefore customer satisfaction by adding our self-adhesive “tear tapes” to your corrugated packaging. Tear tapes can be applied in-line during production and offer excellent adhesion properties as well as reliable performance during the opening of different grades of corrugated boxes.

Features of tear tape / tear strip:

  • Robust backing
  • Elastic PP film on tear tape allows an angled tear as well
  • Good for high unwinding speeds in automatic production
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Filament Tape for Reinforcing Corrugated Box

Corrugated box reinforcing tape
Corrugated box reinforcing tape

Add extra strength to your packaging solution when needed with our assortment of reinforcement tapes. While reducing board thickness and weight, you can still increase the maximum load and support critical areas, such as die-cut handles or hand holes.

Features of reinforced filament tape:

  • Very good longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, including resistance against bending or tearing for inner and outer reinforcement of various cardboard handles (e.g. flap and top hole handles).
  • tesa ® 50050 High Load can provide reinforcement of heavy packaging loads against burst out ("elephant footing").
  • Clear / transparent and white reinforced tape are available.
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