Electronics. Structural Bonding Application

Structural Bonding for Increased Device Stability

Increased device stability with our structural bonding solutions: tesa HAF®.

Superior Bonding Strength Even on Small Bonding Areas

Electronic devices are becoming more and more miniaturised and sophisticated. Complex designs require both smaller bonding areas and higher tape performance. Our tesa HAF® tapes are successfully used in many of these applications and offer not only superior bonding strength and shock resistance but also durability and environmental resistance on a broad variety of substrates. Because of these features, our adhesive tapes meet all the requirements of structural bonding.

Application Examples

  • FPC stiffening
  • Frame mounting/enclosure assembly
  • Magnesium bracket mounting

Our Solutions

  • tesa reactive HAF®
  • tesa anti-shock reactive HAF®
  • tesa low-temperature reactive HAF®
  • tesa thermoplastic HAF®