Tape solutions for any type of display

The latest display and touch panel trends play a central role in many electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Our innovative adhesive solutions offer engineers great freedom when it comes to development, alongside clean and easy handling when bonding individual components. By using our adhesive tapes, displays can now be bonded more thinly, robustly, reliably and easily into a fast and precise process.

Our expertise in applications for displays and touch panels allows us to continuously develop new and improved solutions that keep pace with the latest market trends and challenges. We offer a wide range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and many other electronic devices aimed at ensuring that state-of-the-art electronics can become ever smaller, lighter and more multifunctional. Among other things, our solutions for displays include optically clear adhesives, which are used in touch panels or as shatter protection films in glass lenses of mobile phones.

During the entire product development process, it is our business to support you and your products on a daily basis. We put you and your suppliers first by giving you the individual attention and service you deserve. Our extensive expertise in tape application for electronic devices enables us to support you in a professional manner and to help you choose the best of our adhesive tape solutions. We keep up with the latest innovations and market technologies from the electronic industry so that we can offer to our customers a wide range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smartphones, tablets and many other electronic devices.