Fuel Systems

Adhesive tape solutions for fuel systems

From mounting to protection – our tapes are suited to the high-performance applications in car fuel systems

The Trend towards Lighter Tanks Made of Plastic

The trend towards lighter tanks made of plastic leads to increased movement of the tank while driving. Especially in hybrid cars, where more components have to fit into a compact space, moving elements may come into contact with each other. This can cause buzzing, squeaking, or even rattling.

These are only two of today’s challenges in the design of fuel systems that can be met with the help of self-adhesive tape solutions. By using our products, you will benefit from a wide product range, durable and reliable quality, and technical customer service by experienced and highly skilled engineers.

Fuel System Applications

Our tapes are ideally suited for high-performance applications in a car’s fuel system. The proven benefits of our system solutions include:

  • Temporary mounting of attached parts to tank
  • Protection of wires and fuel hoses against abrasion and reflective heat
  • Prevention of buzz, squeak, and rattle in the tank area
  • Mounting of rubber straps to gas tank
  • Mounting of fuel pumps to plastic tanks
  • Permanent mounting of clips, pins, spacers, and shock absorbers to tank
  • Tamperproof identification on tanks by security marking