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Automotive Sealing and Hole Covering Solutions

Efficiency Unplugged – Automotive Sealing and Hole Covering Solutions

In the automotive industry, efficiency is what counts. Cutting down car weight is not simply a mandatory task, but rather an attitude and a mode of thinking. Our car sealing and hole covering products offer weight reduction of up to 85% per vehicle in comparison to typical rubber and plastic hole plugs. We have developed a variety of alternatives to rubber or plastic plugs to fit any application.

Our hole covering product assortment, which include car door seals and automotive sealing tapes, offer the perfect sealing solutions for corrosion prevention throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Other characteristics include excellent acoustic-damping performance, which is comparable with a closed metal car body, and airtight closing to seal off holes from water and dust.

We offer some special die cut features that go a long way to further improving your production efficiency. Some of our car seals and sealing tapes can be printed with so-called target printing, a special visual locating feature. The target printing acts as a valuable point of reference, improving the workers’ application accuracy and at the same time indicating to the worker the recommended hole size. Another advantage of hole covering die cuts is that unique forms are possible. We can also offer a full range of manual to semi and fully automatic dispensers, for fast and convenient application.

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