Electrically Conductive Solutions

Our Electrically Conductive Solution for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs, wearables, and other smart devices.

Double-sided ECT – For Applications Requiring Grounding

By offering a broad assortment of filled acrylic adhesive systems with a balance between electrical conductivity and adhesive properties we are able to provide the best solution for your requirements. Simply decide what is most important for your application: bonding performance, conductivity, or both balanced. Our double-sided tapes are available with two different backings. The woven backing offers a higher tear resistance, very good dimensional stability, and better reworkability, while the non-woven backing provides faster wetting, excellent conformability, and very good die-cuttability.

Typical applications of our double-sided ECT assortment

Electronics: Component Mounting Applications for Cameras
Component grounding

Electronics: Component Mounting Applications for Cameras

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tesa® ECT 6025x/6026x

These series provide a balanced performance of conductivity and bonding performance. Thanks to the various backings, the performance profile can be optimally adapted to individual applications.

tesa® ECT 6037x

The tesa® ECT 6037x series provides the highest conductivity in our DSECT assortment. The contact resistance, even in harsh environmental conditions, is extremely low.

tesa® ECT 6038x

tesa® ECT 6038x has the best bonding performance in this assortment, offers very high peel adhesion values, and is resistant to repulsive forces.

Single-sided ECT – For Covering and Shielding Applications

Covering and shielding applications are broad and have different requirements for conductivity, adhesion, and design. Our single-sided ECT assortment meets the latest requirements for shielding and appearance.

Typical applications of our single-sided ECT assortment

Covering and shielding applications requiring good bonding and anti-repulsion properties as well as high EMI shielding. We provide special solutions for applications with a demand for a attractive, modern appearance.

tesa® ECT 6023x

The matte black design of our tesa® SSECT 6023x series meets the latest requirements for a modern, high-quality appearance. It is available with two different backings (fabric and copper) to even better meet individual needs on bonding, shielding, and appearance.



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tesa® ECT 6053x

This series provides the best bonding and anti-repulsion performance in our ECT assortment, while the copper backing ensures high EMI shielding and heat spreading.

tesa® ECT 6031x

This series has been specially developed for applications which may only be exposed to low pressure. Even then this tape offers excellent conductivity, shielding, and adhesion.

Single-sided Foam ECT – For Conductive Gap-Filling

Our single-sided electrically conductive foam tapes offer shielding, grounding, and gap-filling. They will provide either outstanding conformability and recovery properties or a very high abrasion resistance depending on the chosen foam material. All series in this assortment have very good shock-absorbing and cushioning properties.


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Typical applications of our single-sided Foam ECT assortment​

General gap-filling application under compression

Applications which require single-sided conductive gap-filling solutions with the demand for a certain compressibility and/or abrasion resistance.

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tesa® ECT 6021x

tesa® SFECT 6021x offers the best conductivity and shielding performance in our electrically conductive foam tape assortment. The soft sponge foam backing is highly compressible, with excellent recovery properties.

tesa® ECT 6068x

The ultra-soft foam backing of this series further improves the compressibility and the recovery properties at very low forces, while it still has high EMI shielding.

tesa® ECT 6024x

The highly stable gasket foam which is used in this series is highly suitable for applications with fixed gaps that need normal compression forces. It is very resistant to abrasion from die-cutting and lamination processes.

EC HAF – For Applications with Extraordinary Requirements

Our innovative solution for applications requiring extreme bonding performance and outstanding conductivity. It combines the best features of our Heat-Activated Films (HAF) and electrically conductive PSAs (ECT). tesa® EC HAF is not tacky at room temperature and must be activated by heat and pressure starting at temperatures above 120°C.

Potential applications of our EC HAF assortment

The housing of a smartwatch contains a large number of highly sensitive electronic components that are bonded together using adhesive tape. tesa produces its high-tech tapes in different thicknesses in the cleanroom unit at the Hamburg-Hausbruch plant.
Sensor grounding

The housing of a smartwatch contains a large number of highly sensitive electronic components that are bonded together using adhesive tape. tesa produces its high-tech tapes in different thicknesses in the cleanroom unit at the Hamburg-Hausbruch plant.

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Applications that require structural bonding performance and reliable electrical conductivity. tesa® EC HAF is the right solution for applications needing superior anti-repulsion and grounding properties even under harsh conditions.

tesa® EC HAF 5845x/5842x

Our EC HAF series combine electrical conductivity and outstanding structural bonding performance. Additionally, they are highly resistant to repulsive forces and harsh environmental conditions. While the 5845x series is isotropically xyz-axis electrically conductive, the anisotropic version 5842x is conductive in the z-direction only.


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Temperature and humidity resistance

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