Electronics: Display Cushioning

Advanced Tapes That Withstand External Influences and Provide Cushioning Functions

Our adhesive tapes are the perfect solution for preventing humidity, dust and other particles in electronic devices, and for providing cushioning for displays.

Sealing tape provides a barrier to humidity, dust and other particles, and at the same time serves as a cushioning tape for displays and gaskets.

Sealing and cushioning applications require precise die-cut positioning during assembly. Our assortment offers standard PET tapes, tapes with different adhesion on each side (differential tapes) and removable tapes which help to reduce fallout during production and enable easy recycling.

Application Examples

  • Cushioning of OLED displays
  • Gasket sealing and cushioning

Product Features

  • Reliable adhesion to foams
  • High humidity resistance
  • Reworkable and removable
  • Very good die-cutting
  • Very good sealing properties


Our Products

  • General mounting tapes
  • Differential tapes
  • Removable tapes
  • High-peel tapes
  • Ultra-soft PU foam tapes