Heavy Duty Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tapes for Mounting & Bonding

Strong double sided tape with thick acrylic foam that provides a long-lasting bond across all industries and surfaces. A high strength tape for permanent mounting in various surfaces with dissimilar materials, including on walls.

Strong Double Sided Tape for Industrial Uses: tesa ACXplus

tesa ACXplus is an acrylic core double sided tape for high performance strength constructive bonding and is the highest performing product range made by tesa. The range is based on a solid acrylic core or a foamed acrylic core.

The high performance of tesa ACXplus is based on a special feature called 'viscoelasticity'. Viscoelasticity describes a material which is defined by both viscous and elastic properties. The elastic restoring forces provides inner strength whilst the viscous part allows for relaxation of mechanical stresses. This means the tape is able to compensate for the different thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of dissimilar materials.

The special balance between these two properties not only provides optimal wetting of different surfaces i.e. optimum surface contact, but also absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations relieving stresses in the bond. This means the bond is both dimensionally stable and permanent