Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers help to optimise processes by making tape handling and application easier. We offer a variety of handheld, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic dispensers for adhesive tapes. Be it for household or industrial applications, tesa's range of products - from packing tape dispensers to industrial tape dispensers - will meet your needs.

tesa Adhesive tape Dispensers

As a global leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes, tesa recognises that sometimes a little extra help is needed – especially when it comes to applying different tapes reliably and efficiently.

tesa India have put together a range of tape and packaging tape dispensers and appliances which cover most application requirements. Explore tesa's selection of household and industrial tape dispensers below, which include handheld, automatic and semi-automatic tape dispensers with cutters.

For your convenience, the list can be sorted by manual or automatic mode and roll width to help you select the ideal tape cutter dispenser that meets your need.