Double sided tissue cloth tape applied for carpet laying

Double Sided Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes are very good for bonding to rough surfaces and can be removed quickly and cleanly after use. The cloth carrier offers resistance to tearing, yet can itself be torn by hand.

Double Sided Cloth Tapes

What are Double Sided Tissue Tapes?

Double sided cloth tapes (also called double sided tissue tapes) feature pressure-sensitive adhesive exposed on both sides, designed to stick 2 surfaces together. These fabric-backed tapes are very good for bonding to rough and textured surfaces as the cloth carrier is conformable and able to take a high adhesive coat weight. We use either a natural rubber adhesive, as found on tesa 4964 or a synthetic rubber adhesive as used on tesa 4934 or tesa 4939.

The long, natural rubber polymer chains in the adhesive used for tesa 4964 

make this double sided cloth tape ideal for applications such as carpet laying as the tape can be removed quickly and cleanly after use. The cloth carrier offers a resistance to tearing yet itself is hand-tearable. tesa 4939 offers similar properties from its differential (different amount of adhesive on either side of the carrier) synthetic rubber adhesive.

tesa double sided cloth tapes are recommended for internal applications only as the natural rubber and synthetic rubber adhesives used will break down under exposure to weathering and UV light.

(The removability needs to be tested and cannot be guaranteed as there are many influences which are beyond our control. Usage on natural stone is not recommended).

Advantages of Double Sided Tissue / Cloth Tapes 

  • Able to adapt to multiple surfaces
  • High adhesive coat weight
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Does not have an adhesive residue left when removed
  • Hand-tearable

Double Sided Tissue / Cloth Tapes Applications

  • Carpet laying
  • Splicing polysheeting during fabrication of pressurized environments
  • Securing polyethylene film to brick and cinder block walls




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