Mounting of mirrors, panels and trims

Our double-sided tapes offer a vast variety of possibilities for optimizing demanding boat applications such as mounting of mirrors, protective or decorative panels, trim, profiles, and design elements.

Our boat interior mouting tapes come in many thickness levels and offer an excellent alternative to mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. For both permanent and temporary use, our marine mounting tapes meet your demanding yacht fitting requirements and are ideal for long-lasting secure fixation of mirrors, panels and trims.   

Tapes for mounting mirrors, panels and trims in boats

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tesa® 4952
PE foam
tackified acrylic
1150 µm
200 %
tesa® 4965
PET film
tackified acrylic
205 µm
50 %
tesa® 4970
PVC film
tackified acrylic
225 µm
20 %
tesa® ACXplus 7066
foamed acrylic
tackified acrylic
1500 µm
600 %