tesa® ACXplus High Bond Tape

The unique formulation of tesa® ACXplus ensures maximum bonding performance and reliability you can trust day in, day out. 

Why choose tesa® ACXplus?

Extreme Environmental Resistance
With resistance to weathering and temperatures up to 220°C, tesa® ACXplus does not compromise. 

Our unique technology creates a superior bond that resists temperature, weather, UV and chemical influence. The high-resistance tesa® 7078 has passed cyclone testing, making it suitable for the tough Australian climate. 
Adhesive tapes offer powerful long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics.
Ultimate Holding Power

Excellent durability for mounting heavy materials. 

tesa® ACXplus chemically adapt to the bonded surfaces, even on rough or textured surfaces, sealing the bonded materials. The result: A high-strength and permanent bond that will last for decades.

Viscoelastic and Dissipates Stress
Compensates heavy bumps, vibration, shocks and different thermal expansion rates. 

During the life cycle of a component, static and dynamic stress act upon the constructive bond. The combination of a viscous and elastic construction ensures the tape is able to withstand and dissipate these stresses.

tesa® ACXplus High Bond Tape Range

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