Professional Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers optimise processes by making tape handling and application easier. We offer a variety of hand-held, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic dispensers for all types of adhesive tapes. From packing tape dispensers to double-sided tape dispensers, explore tesa's comprehensive range of tape tape dispensers for consumers, craftsmen and professionals in any industry.

tesa Adhesive Tape Dispensers

As a global leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes, tesa recognises that sometimes a little extra help is needed – especially when it comes to applying different tapes reliably, quickly and efficiently.

tesa Australia and New Zealand offers a range of tape dispensers which cover most application requirements, from professional packing tape dispensers such as hand-held packing tape guns, to easy-to-glue double-sided tape dispensers and specialised tape dispenser for bag sealing.

Explore our selection of tape dispensers below, categorised by characteristics for your convenience.