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Product Highlight: tesa® 4713 Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging Tape

Recyclable Friendly
Enhances the Recycling Process
Plastic packaging tapes contaminate cardboard, leading to both the affected cardboard and tape ending up in landfill. Our unique adhesive formulation eliminates contamination and ensures that more cardboard is able to safely go through the recycling process.
Sustainable Goals
Supports Sustainability Goals
Our assortment of specially formulated packaging tapes support the achievement of sustainability goals, including eliminating plastic from packaging and supporting the recycling process.
Sustainable Materials
Made From Sustainable Materials
The paper tape is sourced from well-managed FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources to reduce the impact on the environment.

tesa® 4713 Paper Standard

tesa® 4713 – CST with Paper from Responsible Sources

  • The paper backing of tesa® 4713 is made with paper from well-managed, certified forests and other controlled sources.
  • The natural rubber adhesive system features good adhesion to multiple surfaces as well as good tack.

Product Highlight: tesa® 60400 Bio-Based Packaging Tape

Solvent-free production process
Solvent-free production process
Free from nasty chemicals, meaning it is safer you and safer for the environment.
Lower carbon footprint compared to standard packaging tapes
Lower Carbon Footprint
Made from completely renewable bio-materials, the tape has a significantly lower CO₂ footprint compared to plastic packaging tapes
Bio-based (plant-based) packaging tape
Total bio-based carbon content of 98%, receiving the highest possible score form both DIN-CERTCO and TÜV AUSTRIA institutes.

tesa® 60400 Bio-based Packaging Tape

tesa® 60400 – Bio & Strong

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