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Tapes Solutions For Air Conditioning

Our tape assortment for is comprised of reinforced aluminium foil tapes and PVC duct tapes for joining and sealing duct insulation, along with single-sided foam tapes for sealing metal duct flanges.

Aluminium Foil Tapes for Joining & Sealing Duct Insulation

Foil tapes are ideal for applications that require conductivity, flame resistance and performance during extreme temperatures- both hot and cold. Aluminium tapes are the preferred type of foil tape for air conditioning, due to its thermal conductivity and resistance to humidity. Our reinforced aluminium foil tape is designed to fix, join and seal foil faced air conditioning duct insulation when used both internally or externally on the ducting. The scrim reinforcement adds strength, while the tape’s aluminium surface is flame retardant to AS 1530 part 3.


Duct Tapes for Sealing Flexible Ducting

Our high quality, conformable PVC Duct Tape is designed for wrapping and sealing flexible airconditioning ducting. tesa® 4050 (0.13mm thick) and tesa® 4258 (0.15mm thick) are suitable for both high and low velocity, cold and hot systems.


Foam Tapes for Sealing Sheet Metal Duct Flanges

Our Single-Sided Foam Tapes are designed for quick and easy sealing between the flanges of sheet metal ducting. For this application, tesa® 7496 (5mm thick) foam tape is generally recommended, and is easy to apply in either 12mm or 18mm wide dependent on the flange width.


Explore our specialised foam, duct and aluminium tapes for air conditioning appliances below.