Bathroom Accessories

Adhesive Solutions for Bathroom Accessories

Freshening up your bathroom's style has never been easier! The new bathroom accessories from tesa® combine great bathroom designs with unique tesa® Power.Kit technology - the all-in-one solution for reliable hold and perfect results. Draw inspiration from our unlimited bathroom ideas and start up your bathroom renovations!

The New tesa Bathroom Accessories Range

Reinvent your bathroom in minutes and transform your ideas into reality with our revolutionary bathroom accessories range, utilising our German engineered adhesive mounting system. The patented adhesive system provides the peace of mind of a permanent and secure fixture, that can be easily removed without leaving behind any surface damage or residues. 

tesa Bathroom Accessories: A Permanent yet Removable Solution

Reinvent you bathroom in minutes with our revolutionary adhesive mounting solution 

  1. No damage - No drilling, no tools and no DIY ability is required - so you can forget cracking tiles or drilling into water pipes.
  2. No worries - Mounting tesa Bathroom Accessories is easy, and provides a safe and secure permanent hold.
  3. No fuss - tesa Bathroom Accessories can be easily removed without any surface damage, or adhesive residues, meaning you can redesign your bathroom whenever you like, and even take your accessories with you when you move.
Available at Bunnings Warehouse

Available at Bunnings Warehouse

Read more about tesa® Power.Kit technology.

Reliable hold without drilling is possible - thanks to innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology, made and patented in Germany. Adhesive technologies by tesa® are waterproof and the outstanding mounting solution for all bathroom accessories. Make the most of your bathroom ideas! 

Welcome to a whole new world of bathroom accessories and bathroom designs - going hand in hand with unique adhesive technology.

Bathroom makeovers or complete bathroom renovations used to take a lot of planning and careful consideration. A large variety of tools, figuring out the right mounting technique for each object and matching up multiple bathroom accessories are just a few of the many things you needed to keep in mind to turn your bathroom ideas into reality.

It's time to forget about the hassle. We have an easy solution for you: Enjoy the tesa® way of renewing your bathroom with modern bathroom decoration ideas!

Innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology consists of waterproof glue, making it the perfect choice for mounting anything in wet environments like your bathroom. The powerful adhesive solution guarantees reliable hold and an easy mounting and removal experience.

Create a comfortable space for yourself and freshen up your bathroom!
There is no drilling required - forget the extra miles for screws and nails, and keep your tiles in one piece. Save extensive bathroom remodeling costs.

Discover an impressive range of bathroom accessory sets and get inspiring premium designs, as well as an innovative adhesive mounting solution, all from a single source! Explore our great selection of bathroom designs - from small bathroom ideas to bathroom shelf ideas - and our intelligent solutions for bathroom storage.

Enjoy unlimited bathroom decoration ideas and mounting possibilities by tesa®!