4766 Application


Our tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications across precast, tilt-up and in-situ concreting. From the attachment of fittings to tilt-up moulds, to the slurry sealing of formework, our tapes are easy to use and highly effective.

tesa Concreting Solutions


Sealing On-site Formework

Where an 'A' grade finish has been specified on concrete edges, we recommend sealing the formework with either 476 Series Polyurethane open cell foam tape, or 600 Series PVC foam tape.


Sealing Precast Moulds

When precasting concrete into complex shapes, it is important to seal the moulded formework to prevent moisture loss and create clean edges on the finished concrete. tesa® 602 Series PVC foam tape is recommended, and is easy to use, highly conformable and durable.


Fixing Tilt-up Accessories

tesa® 4964 is ideal for attaching plastic decorative fillets, window box frames and polystyrene to precast mould table faces. tesa® 4952 is used in die cut form to attach plastic ferrule positioning plates.


Joining Builder’s Film

When joining builder’s film, tesa® 4258 PVC joining tape has good adhesive power and resists wind gusts and foot traffic. For joining heavy reinforced underlay film tesa 60900 Butylbond should be used.