Frame Bonding
Solar Frame Bonding

Solar Frame Bonding

Our foam tapes are a trusted solution for solar frame bonding. Benefit from an aesthetic finish and a fast, clean and simple assembly process.

tesa ® FrameSelect – Efficient Solution for Solar Frame Bonding

We have built an in-depth understanding of solar module assembly: tesa ® Frame Select represents our comprehensive offering of products and services that will make your solar module manufacturing process ready for the future. Our technical advisors will provide you with the most suitable system solution, helping you achieve production process improvements and making it easier to implement design changes.

Technical Advice

Your adhesive solution partner for the solar industry
Technical Advisory

Your trusted tesa advisor will help you by providing and implementing the most efficient framing solution. Based on module design and production targets, we can recommend the most suitable tape and application system.

  • Cost-efficient and individual solution
  • Lower internal resource costs
  • High project and certification speed
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High-Quality PE Foam

Double-sided PE-foam
Double-sided PE-foam

Our tesa ® FrameSelect double-sided PE-foam tapes are the key to high-quality, reliable bonding performance. The PE-foam backing offers an ideal balance of good conformability and high inner strength. We have optimised the acrylic adhesive for secure adhesion on most backsheets and easy application.

  • High frame-mounting safety
  • No downtime or rework due to tape lifting from the laminate
  • Resistant to weathering and ageing
  • TÜV and UL certificates available
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Modular Assortment

FrameSelect Assortment
FrameSelect Assortment

tesa ® FrameSelect adhesive tapes are available in three thicknesses, two colours, and different liner variants. We give you the flexibility and speed to react to customer requests or assembly process changes.

  • Always the right tape off the shelf for custom design
  • Respond to component variations by simply changing the tape
  • Upscale all tapes for fully automated assembly
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Dispensing and Application Solutions


Together with our adhesive tapes, we offer dispensing and application tools for high-quality framing results. Implement a fast, simple and clean assembly process, reducing your total production cost.