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Tape Solutions for Greater Efficiency in Your Processes

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Solutions for the Transport Industry

Wherever you want to go, our adhesive tape solutions will optimise many applications in the production process.

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tesa professional mounting

Multi-function Adhesive Tape, double-sided, for Industrial use

Thanks to their exceptional and enduring adhesive capabilities, double-sided tapes facilitate the swift and straightforward fixation of objects to various surfaces. Whether you require a temporary or long-lasting mounting solution, tesa provides a diverse selection of permanent and removable double-sided tapes to accommodate both industrial and domestic applications.
Sealing Application

Foam Tapes (Single Sided and Double Sided)

Foam tapes are versatile in application, with properties that protect against dust, moisture, water, noise, impact, temperature fluctuations and vibrations, making it the ideal sealing tape to fill gaps, provide insulation, absorb sound and protect surfaces. These properties also make single sided foam tapes highly suitable for cushioning and dampening applications, both at home and in industrial settings. Suitable for die cutting for waterproof gaskets.
tesa Precision Mask 4342 spray painting

Masking Tapes General Applications

Masking tape, commonly referred to as painters' tape, is a vital tool for achieving immaculately crisp edges in painting projects. These tapes are not only user-friendly but also effortlessly removable without leaving residue, making them suitable for even the most delicate surfaces both inside and outside.