Double-Sided Tape

Advantages of Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes

There are many reasons that speak in favour the use of double-sided adhesive tape: Freedom of design, quality of the bond, and the assembly process to name a few.

Criteria for Evaluating the Quality

Double-sided tapes Liquid glue Mechanical fastening
Compensation of irregular or uneven surfaces – gaps between bonded surfaces are eliminated +++ ++++ +
Compensation of tension and stress dissipation – single bonding point with mechanical fasteners can lead to material breakage ++++ ++ +
Shock absorption ++++ ++ ++
Reduced risk of corrosion ++++ ++++ +
Sealing function – tape seals and protects against dust and moisture ++++ ++++ ++
Noise-dampening properties – sounds caused by vibration are eliminated ++++ +++ +

Criteria for Evaluating the Assembly

Double-sided tapes Liquid glue Mechanical fastening
Fast application process – elimination of curing time and reduction of complexity 4 1 2
Healthy working environment and clean production sites 4 2 2

Criteria for Evaluating the Design

Double-Sided Tapes Liquid Glue Mechanical Fastening
Improved visual appearance – no damage to the material ++++ +++ +
Invisible fastening – mounting of transparent materials ++++ +++ +