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Automotive Tapes and Solutions

Based on our vast experience and our excellent adhesive technology, we are experts in adhesive tape solutions for automotive customers. Focusing on automotive trends like car individualization, e-mobility or low-VOC products we can offer you a variety of automotive tapes. Our tapes are used for many applications - Wire harnessing, surface protection, and attachment part mounting are only some of them. Discover the potential in our variety of automotive tape solutions.

Automotive tapes and applications

Today, many leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers already rely on tesa adhesive tape solutions and our close partnership with customers is one of the criteria crucial to our success. tesa’s team of specialist consultants and applications engineers analyse automotive manufacturers and suppliers production processes.

This analysis identifies a certain set of requirements which are then used to determine the final product characteristics needed. The optimum adhesive tape is then selected and tailored solutions are developed which will be the best fit for the customer’s needs, such as should the tape be supplied in rolls, precision die cuts or spools.

Adhesive tapes from tesa meet stringent quality standards. tesa’s major worldwide production sites are certified under the international quality standards ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949, which meet the strict requirements of the global automotive industry.

Adhesive Tape Solutions for the Automotive Industry


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