Double Sided Acrylic Core Tapes

tesa® ACXplus high bond tape provides a powerful and long-lasting bond as the acrylic adhesive has optimal wetting characteristics and chemically adapts to surfaces.

tesa ACXplus acrylic core double sided tape

tesa ACXplus is an acrylic core double sided tape for high performance constructive bonding and is the highest performing product range made by tesa. The range is based on a solid acrylic core or a foamed acrylic core.

The high performance of tesa ACXplus is based on a special feature called 'viscoelasticity'. Viscoelasticity describes a material which is defined by both viscous and elastic properties. The elastic restoring forces provides inner strength whilst the viscous part allows for relaxation of mechanical stresses. This means the tape is able to compensate for the different thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of dissimilar materials, such as aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites, and other surfaces. 

The special balance between these two properties not only provides optimal wetting of different surfaces i.e. optimum surface contact, but also absorbs dynamic forces and vibrations relieving stresses in the bond. This means the bond is both dimensionally stable and permanent


Additionally, the acrylic adhesive in tesa ACXplus forms a high resistance to temperature up to 200oC in short term and 120oC in the long term, weather, UV, and chemical influence. Transparent double sided acrylic tape is also available, such as tesa ACXplus 705x range


Explore our range of double-sided high bond tapes below. For enquiries, technical support and purchase, contact our tesa Australia and New Zealand team, or an authorised tesa distribution partner.

tesa ACXplus Double Sided Acrylic Core Tape

Adhesive tapes offer powerful long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics.

The highest performing double-sided tape range made by tesa.

tesa® ACXplus Acrylic Core tapes offer a high resistance to temperatures and different weather conditions. The main reason is the oxidation resistance of the fully saturated carbon chain which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus

tesa® ACXplus Acrylic Core tape is characterised by a very strong bonding power. Applied loads like wind, snow and the permanent load of bonded components can be accommodated by tesa® ACXplus without problems.

Due to the viscoelastic behaviour of tesa® ACXplus arising stresses can be optimally dissipated and a secure bond is assured. Extreme temperature changes are accommodated even for bonded substrates with different elongation characteristics.

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