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As an Industrial Trade Partner, your company has access to the highest level of tesa products, services and value within the tesa offer, giving your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. With our adhesive solutions and extensive knowhow we improve processes and products of companies worldwide.

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Benefits of becoming a tesa industrial tape distribution partner

  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-broad-tape-selection

    Broad Tape Selection

    We provide comprehensive tape solutions across the spectrum, offering an extensive variety of colours, dimensions, and specialisations, all with a professional approach tailored to our clients' needs.
  • tesa® is an industrial tape manufacturer known to provide high quality adhesive tapes

    High Quality Tapes

    tesa® adhesive tapes represent top-tier quality, exceptional performance, user-friendly application, and enduring durability, meeting the highest professional standards in the industry.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-extensive-adhesive-knowhow

    In depth adhesive knowhow

    Our dedicated sales team and technical support centre offer in-depth consulting and training services to enhance the capabilities of our tape distribution partners, ensuring a professional experience throughout.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-global-presence

    Global Presence and R&D

    Select a tape supplier that remains within reach, featuring offices, manufacturing facilities, and R&D centres in over 50 countries, ensuring a consistently professional experience.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-strong-tape-brand

    Renowned Tape Brand

    For over a century, the tesa® brand has been synonymous with exceptional tape solutions, reflecting a commitment to quality and professionalism.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-reliable-delivery

    Reliable Delivery

    Boasting well-appointed warehouses and production facilities worldwide, our industrial partners can confidently rely on our punctual delivery services without concern.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-tape-promotional-content

    1st Class Promotional Content

    We provide premium content to showcase tesa® adhesive tape products in your catalogues and online stores, ensuring an appealing and professional presentation.
  • tesa-industrial-distribution-partner-benefits-high-responsiveness

    High Responsiveness

    Seeking prompt assistance or swift responses to customer inquiries? Our customer service team is dedicated to providing rapid, professional support.

Our extensive tape and adhesive solution assortment for distribution partners

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Grow your business - Become a tesa® Alliance Partner

The distribution landscape is becoming more and more challenging. Digitalization, globalization and consumerization of B2B buying change customers expectation and buying behavior. Trends such as sustainability, industry 4.0 and automation of production chains have impact on tape and adhesive solution requirements. We offer not only superior products, but technical specialized knowhow and training focussed on adhesive solutions. For the growing impact of e-commerce, we offer exclusive content to optimally promote tesa® products in the digital world. With tesa as a reliable and knowledgable partner, let us turn challenges into opportunities and grow our business together. 

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Exclusive advantages for tesa® Alliance Partners

Reap the rewards of our exclusive tape distribution partnership and the robust tesa® brand, top-tier products, and customised service solutions. Much like our products, which are designed to meet the needs of our end customers, our industrial partner program is specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of industrial distribution and converting businesses.

  • For our Alliance Partners, we provide comprehensive technical assistance for customer projects, encompassing development and testing within our laboratories or at our Customer Solution Centre (CSC).
  • Through comprehensive sales assistance, we accompany industrial partners to customer locations, focusing on addressing and resolving any issues that may arise.
  • We bolster your Marketing teams by supplying product content, promotional materials like brochures and flyers, as well as collaborative PR and digital campaigns for our tapes.
  • tesa® Alliance Partners regularly undergo training to stay current with the latest adhesive tape developments and provide top-notch service to end customers.
  • Our industrial partners are granted exclusive early access to information regarding new product launches or updates.

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