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Adhesive Tapes for High Performance Bonding

tesa® ACXplus is a high performing acrylic core bonding tape for permanent interior and exterior bonding and mounting applications. The high bond tape offers you new dimensions for aesthetical pleasant and secure and fast and constructive bonds.

"Let's design the future together and create new possibilities for permanent & constructive bonding"

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The challenge of bonding a variety of materials

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Constructive and permanent bonding can be a challenge in almost every industry. Often different materials need to be bonded together - for example aluminum, steel, glass, fiber composites, plastics, painted or powder-coated surfaces. In today's design concepts, high-tech materials need to be bonded without affecting their special structures and properties.

The solution: our tesa® ACXplus acrylic foam bonding tapes

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For powerful, long-lasting bonds, even on materials with different surface characteristics.

Traditional mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets, and welds may provide insufficient bonds. Over time, they can come loose or start to rattle, and they can damage the bonded materials. To overcome this challenge, our high performance acrylic bonding tapes provide reliable solutions for permanent bonding applications, optimizing your manufacturing processes, and helping you offer competitive products to the market.

Working together to find the perfect products and processes

ACXplus Assortment
Complete acrylic foam tape assortment for all application requirements
Our wide product range fulfills all application requirements. For example, we offer our products in different thicknesses to fulfill design gap requirements or compensate for rough and uneven surfaces.
tesa Alliance Partnership
Decades of market experience for in-depth application know-how and support
Our tesa® ACXplus products are used in many markets, such as the appliances, electronics, automotive, and building industry. Our dedicated sales team will support you with the know-how we gather around the globe.
Focusing on the customer: At the Application Solution Center, tesa researchers work with industrial customers to further develop products. The technology group has three facilities like this, one each in China, the United States, and at tesa headquarters.
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A team effort for the perfect match
To find the right product and application process for your bonding challenge, our technical experts at our Customer Solution Centers (CSC) will help you every step on the way, testing your materials and our solutions until a perfect match is found.

Do you want to know more about our products? Please click here for more details or use our contact form to schedule your individual consultation with one of our experts.

Our product assortment: key features and application benefits

tesa ACXplus 704x

01tesa® ACXplus 704x

The acrylic core tape is available in gray and white, and is recommended for indoor applications. Both color options adapt very well to metal and plastic surfaces and avoid reflections on translucent and decorative elements.

tesa ACXplus 705x

02tesa® ACXplus 705x

This product is a highly transparent acrylic core tape and ideal for bonding of transparent or translucent materials, such as glass or acrylic. It is suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor applications.

tesa ACXplus 707x

03tesa® ACXplus 707x

An outstanding cold shock performance down to –40 °C is one of the key features of this black acrylic foam tape. A secure and durable bond, even in outdoor conditions, is achieved in combination with our adhesion promoters.

tesa flameXtinct 4506x

04tesa® flameXtinct 4506x

This product is a double-sided acrylic core tape with proven flame retardent characteristics. The white product is halogen-free and UL94 and FMVSS 302 compliant and recommended for indoor and outdoor applications.

tesa Adhesion Promoter Assortment

05Our primer assortment

Adhesion promoters or primers are surface pre-treatments used to increase the adhesion performance between a self-adhesive tape and a substrate achieving a more robust and durable bond.


For an optimal bonding performance, we offer:

tesa® 60150 Adhesion Promoter Universal

tesa® 60151 Adhesion Promoter Glass

tesa® 60153 Adhesion Promoter Fast Cure


Spool Dispenser 6096

06Dispensing tools

We also offer dispenser and application tools for our tesa® ACXplus assortment to make efficient tape processing possible and ensure a quick and precise application.


tesa ACXplus technical support

Let's talk

Do you have a request or specific bonding challenge? We are looking forward to your message.

Inner core strength

  • Elastic and viscous characteristics provide the strength for a permanent bond
  • Constant product features over time even in outdoor conditions
  • tesa® ACXplus can compensate static loads over the entire bond's duration of the product life cycle
tesa ACXplus inner core strength
tesa ACXplus stress dissipation

Stress dissipation

  • Our acrylic foam tapes compensate for thermal elongation of different materials
  • Dynamic stresses are optimally dissipated for a secure bond 

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