Double-sided tape
Strong Double Sided Tapes For Industrial and Home Use

Strong Double Sided Tapes For Industrial and Home Use

Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces. Whether you are looking for a temporary or a long-lasting mounting solution in Australia and New Zealand, tesa leverages over 125 years of experience to offer a wide range of permanent and removable double-sided tapes for industrial and trade applications.

High-performance Double Sided Tapes

tesa offers an extensive range of high performance double sided tapes, both removable and permanent, for a wide range of industrial applications. Our range includes strong double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives which are suitable for outdoor applications and offers long-lasting resistance to UV light, water and ageing. Our range also includes removable double sided tapes, which are ideal for indoor applications where flexibility is required, such as the mounting of signage and wall decorations, as well as carpet and flooring material where residue-free removal is required. The mounting of transparent materials is also possible with our double sided filmic tapes, which have been engineered to ensure a flawless design without the need for mechanical fixings on glass and other transparent materials.

For the most critical constructive mounting applications, tesa ACXplus high bond acrylic foam tape ensures a seamless design, and provides the confidence and peace of mind of a secure and long lasting bond. tesa ACXplus consists of a high performance acrylic adhesive with optimum viscoelastic properties offers an excellent bond, even on low surface energy substrates. The strong double sided tapes within this range also offer stress dissipation and outstanding temperature and weather resistance.


Why use double sided tapes?

Compared to using screws and rivets, there are no weak spots when using double sided tape, as stresses are evenly distributed across the bonded area. Furthermore, there are no health and safety considerations as with welding. Double sided tapes are safe and simple to use, and can also be presented in specific die-cut shapes to aid more precise applications.


How to choose the right double sided tape?

When choosing the right double sided tape, one of the key features to consider is the backing. The backing influences the tapes performance. Our extensive double sided tape range covers a variety of backings designed to cover even the most challenging applications.


  • Tissue backing – The non-woven backings are extremely thin and flexible. They are highly conformable making them suitable for flexible and uneven surfaces. Widely used for mounting small signs and nameplates as well as textiles and fabrics in the blinds industry.
  • Cloth backing – The Interwoven cloth backing allows optimal adhesive coating, making them particularly well suited for mounting rough fibrous surfaces and fabrics. The rubber adhesive systems also allow clean removal without leaving behind adhesive residues (on select products), which can be critical for applications in exhibition centres such as temporary flooring.
  • Filmic backing – A thin yet very strong backing that provides superior bonding properties on flat surfaces. The range also includes transparent and optically clear options which are idea when mounting on glass or translucent surfaces. High temperature resistance can also be achieved when combined with an acrylic adhesive, making them well suited for outdoor applications.
  • PE foam backing – The polyethylene backings are available in a variety of thicknesses to ensure that gaps can be effectively filled and also to offer shock absorption properties. The high inner strength of our PE foam backings makes them well suited for a wide range of mounting applications, such as mirrors, splashbacks, signs, trims and profiles.
  • tesa®​ ACXplus acrylic core – When it comes to critical mounting applications, tesa® ACXplus offers the ultimate performance. Equipped with extremely high adhesion power and inner strength, this backing provides the peace of mind that at a secure bond will be achieved that will continue to last. On top of this, the viscoelastic nature enables the backing dissipate a range of stresses, such as different thermal expansion rates, windload and cold shock.


What other factors are important in choosing a double sided tape?

When choosing the right double sided tape it is also important to consider colour, heat resistance, bonding strength and tape thickness. 

  • Colour - tesa double sided tapes are available in transparent, translucent, black and white. Transparent and optically clear options are ideal when mounting on glass and windows.
  • Heat resistance - Temperature is a critical element that can affect the strength of the bond. Our double sided range has product options that can withstand up to 250°C in temperature, making them ideal for even the most challenging outdoor applications.
  • Bond strength - A critical consideration for load bearing applications. With different adhesive formulations and backing configurations, including ACXplus high bond tape, a secure bond can be achieved.
  • Tape thickness - Thickness of the backing and adhesive mass can affect the bond strength and performance, as well as compensate for gap filling requirements. Our range covers thicknesses from 100 µm up to 3,000 µm, to ensure the optimal bond can be achieved.


Find out more information below on the double sided tapes in our extensive assortment. For enquiries and purchase, contact our tesa Australia and New Zealand team, or an authorised tesa distribution partner.


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