Strong Double Sided Tapes For Industrial and Home Use

Strong Double Sided Tapes For Industrial and Home Use

Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces. Whether you are looking for a temporary or a long-lasting mounting solution, tesa offers a wide range of permanent and removable double-sided tapes to suit both industrial and casual applications.

High-performance Double Sided Tapes

tesa offers an extensive range of high performance double sided tapes, both removable and permanent, for a wide range of industrial applications. Our range includes strong double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives which are suitable for outdoor applications and offers long-lasting resistance to UV light, water and ageing. Our range also includes removable double sided tapes, which are ideal for indoor applications where flexibility is required, such as the mounting of signage and wall decorations, as well as carpet and flooring material where residue-free removal is required. The mounting of transparent materials is also possible with our double sided filmic tapes, which have been engineered to ensure a flawless design without the need for mechanical fixings on glass and other tansparent materials.

For the most critical constructive mounting applications, tesa ACXplus high bond acrylic foam tape ensures a seemless design, and provides the confidence and peace of mind of a secure and long lasting bond. tesa ACXplus consists of a high performance acrylic adhesive with optimum viscoelastic properties offers an excellent bond, even on low surface energy substrates. The strong double sided tapes within this range also offer stress dissipation and outstanding temperature and weather resistance.


Why use double sided tapes?

Compared to using screws and rivets, there are no weak spots when using double-sided tape, as stresses are evenly distributed across the bonded area. Futhermore, there are no health and safety considerations as with welding. Double-sided tapes are safe and simple to use, and can also be presented in specific die-cut shapes to aid more precise applications.

Below are some of the double sided tapes in our extensive assortment.

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