Protective Films and Tapes

Protective tapes are designed to shield all kinds of surfaces from damage due to abrasion, debris, environmental elements, and more. Explore tesa Australia and New Zealand's surface protection solutions, from paint protection films for window frames, to protection tapes designed for window glass.

Window Frames Protections

Our PE & PVC Protective tapes are designed to protect aluminium window frames from damage during fabrication, transportation and installation, as well as protection on site from damage by builders and tradesmen. Paint protection films ensure that painted window frames remain untarnished, preventing the accumulation of dirt, moisture or other damage to the paint.


Window Glass Protections

Our transparent low tack PE-tapes are designed for the protection of window glass during assembly, transportation and on-site installation. tesa® 4848 PE protective film will remove cleanly without leaving adhesive residues for up to 4 weeks after being applied, while tesa® 50551 PE protective film will cleanly remove for up to 6 months after application.


While protective adhesives are often used for window protection purposes, they may also be used to protect other surfaces within a wide range of industries. Explore our selection of multi-purpose protective tapes and films below.