tesa power.kit for dispeners in cleaning and hygiene industry

Professional Cleaning and Hygiene Industry

Smart professional dispenser mounting solutions for clean and hygienic washrooms in schools, hospitals, offices, stations, airports and food and beverage production sites.

Companies in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry contribute to securing high levels of cleanliness and – where appropriate – disinfection in any place outside of the home, helping to reduce or eliminate contact with serious and potentially harmful infection agents. In order to meet the demanding requirements, we've developed an innovative mounting technology for professional washroom dispensers.

Mounting Solutions for Professional Washrooms

Mounting without Drilling - tesa® Power.Kit Technology

Reliable installation without drilling is possible - thanks to innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology, made and patented in Germany. This new concept developed by tesa® consists of a special glue, making it the perfect choice for mounting dispensers in a washroom environment. There is no drilling required - forget screws and nails, and keep tiles in one piece. Save work time, installation and washroom remodeling costs. The tesa® Power.Kit solution guarantees reliable hold and an easy mounting and removal experience


Step 1: Easy positioning of washroom dispenser

Thanks to the self-adhesive tesa® ACXplus ring the positioning of the dispenser is as easy as ABC. First clean the surface, ideally with an alcohol cleaning cloth, then remove the liner and place the adapter plate in position.


Step 2: Filling in of adhesive for washroom dispenser

Once put in place, the tesa® Power.Kit adapter can then be filled in with the liquid adhesive via the filling hole. When the adhesive comes out of the second hole the filling is complete – that’s it.


Step 3: Installation of washroom dispenser

Immediately after the adhesive has been filled into the tesa® Power.Kit adapter, the mounting plate of the dispenser can be fastened, using either screws or nuts, depending on whether you are using a male or female tesa® Power.Kit adapter.


Step 4: Removal of adapter and cleaning

The tesa® Power.Kit adapter can easily be removed with a standard pipe wrench. The remaining white adhesive can best be removed from the mounting surface using a scraper and a cleaning sponge.

tesa® Power.Kit System Components


tesa® Power.Kit Adapter

The adapter consists of a sintered metal plate with copper, the rest being made of tin and wax. The metal plate is permeable for air, allowing a shorter drying time. Furthermore the adhesive ring provides a border for the glue for easy pre-fixation.


tesa® Power.Kit Glue

The tesa® Power.Kit glue is based on modified polymer. It requires a high amount of humidity for its chemical hardening process, which means it is a very good fit for surfaces in a washroom environment.

Assortment Overview tesa® Power.Kit for Professional Washroom Dispensers