Ripostiglio in garage

Ripostiglio in garage

Non perdere tempo a cercare gli elementi necessari per il lavoro fai da te o il giardinaggio. Queste scatole da ripostiglio facili da realizzare prevedono, come il proverbio, un posto per ogni cosa.

Livello Difficoltà : Tempo Libero

Come si fa:

Overview of materials needed for garage storage boxes


Occorrente: zinc planters, corresponding brackets, symbol print-outs for templates, red sticky-backed plastic, large scissors, small scissors, tesa® adhesive screw for brick & stone 5 kg (two per storage box), transparent tape

tesa SE
Creating the decoration for the railing planter storage idea.


Roughly cut around the symbols and stick them to the sticky backed plastic using transparent tape.

tesa SE
Creating the decoration for the railing planter storage idea.


Use your smaller scissors to carefully cut around the symbols creating stickers.

tesa SE
Applying the decoration for the railing planter storage idea


Peel away the backing from the stickers and apply the pattern to the boxes.

tesa SE
Wall-mounting a railing planter storage idea for DIY and gardening supplies.


Now it’s time to get your pretty new storage boxes on the wall! Apply two adhesive screws per storage box, following the instructions in the packs and hang the brackets on them, before securing with the nuts.

Enjoy your newly organized garage!


Don’t waste time looking for the items you need for your DIY or gardening job. These easy to make storage boxes mean there’s now a dedicated place for everything.

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