tesa® 7650

50µm deep black double-sided adhesive tape

Product description

tesa® 7650 is a double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a black PET film backing and a black tackified acrylic adhesive

Special features:
  • Thickness: 50µm
  • Very high bonding strength and shear resistance
  • Good light shading properties
  • Good handling performance in converting processes
  • Excellent resistance to demanding environmental conditions

Application Fields

  • Mounting of LCD panel and backlight unit
  • Light blocking in displays and mobile phone applications

Product Construction

Backing material PET film
Color black, beige
Color of liner white with tesa logo
Thickness of liner 2.8 mils
71 µm
Total thickness 1.97 mils
50 µm
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic, acrylic, advanced acrylic, modified acrylic
Type of liner glassine

Properties / Performance Values

Elongation at break 50 %
Tensile strength 11.42 lbs/in
20 N/cm
Ageing resistance (UV) very good
Dielectric breakdown voltage 4000 V
Humidity resistance good
Softener resistance very good
Static shear resistance at 40°C good
Tack medium, good
Temperature resistance short term 302 °F
150 °C
Transmittance (380 - 780nm) < 0.6 %

Adhesion to Values

Adhesion to ABS (initial) 45.68 oz/in
5 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days) 45.68 oz/in
5 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (initial) 45.68 oz/in
5 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (after 14 days) 54.82 oz/in
6 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (initial) 25.58 oz/in
2.8 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (after 14 days) 36.54 oz/in
4 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (initial) 36.54 oz/in
4 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (after 14 days) 45.68 oz/in
5 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (initial) 45.68 oz/in
5 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days) 63.95 oz/in
7 N/cm
tesa® products prove their impressive quality day in, day out in demanding conditions and are regularly subjected to strict controls. All technical information and data above mentioned are provided to the best of our knowledge on the basis of our practical experience. They shall be considered as average values and are not appropriate for a specification. Therefore tesa SE can make no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The user is responsible for determining whether the tesa® product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application. If you are in any doubt, our technical staff will be glad to support you.

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