Product information

tesa® 6037

Semi-automatic Bench Dispenser

Product description

tesa® 6037 is a dispenser with an adjustable tape length. It is designed for sealing small packages. The compact size of the dispenser ensures that it remains stable without having to be screwed down. The automatic dispenser can be used wherever fixed lengths of tesa® tape are required. The pre-set length of tape is dispensed by pushing the lever, and the tape is cut by the serrated blade upon removal. The maximum adjustable tape length is 10 cm. The core-holder is suitable to take rolls on 1'' and 3''-cored rolls.

Main applications

To insert the tesa® roll, the tape wheel must be withdrawn and the blade holder removed. The tesa® tape is placed on the tape wheel and then both parts are replaced in the dispenser. The start of tape should be placed with the adhesive side downwards onto the upper transporting roller. When operating the transport lever, the tape is automatically threaded beneath the blue profile roll. Now reposition the blade holder to make the tesa® 6037 automatic dispenser ready for use. Alter the lever position and the pre-set tape length by loosening the knurled screw of the transport lever.


Technical properties

Core diameter

3 inch

Type of tape


Application purpose



7.87 inch


4.13 inch


4.92 inch

Mode of drive



1400 g

Max. roll diameter

5.51 inch

Type of applicator


Max. roll width

1.18 inch

Length presetting up to

3.93 inch

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