Wire harnessing solutions

Why be convoluted when you can be elegant

tesa wire harnessing tape solutions offer greater simplicity, flexibility, and functionality.

May 31, 2018

Stop paying to ship and store air

Compared to bulky, complicated convoluted tubing, our innovative tesa Sleeve® solutions provide a number of critical performance and process advantages. A wire harnessing sleeve can be routed through tighter turns and smaller spaces, which means the harness can be applied quickly and easily –without any need for special cutting tools­. From the engine compartment to the passenger compartment, our assortment of sleeve products provides the right combination of heat resistance and abrasion protection for any application on the wiring harness.

Unlike wire harnessing tape, the rigidity of convoluted tubing takes up a lot of space in the supply chain. With its greater weight and size, conventional tubing is more expensive to ship and takes up more room  in the warehouse. It also adds weight to a vehicle once installed. In fact, thanks to the lighter weight of tape, it can provide up to a 13% component weight savings compared to convoluted tubing.