Sustainability as a key to success


For tesa as a technology company, sustainability is a challenge, an opportunity as well as a fundamental attitude among the entire tesa team. What that means for his new role as Chief Sustainability Officer, is explained by Dr. Stefan Röber in an interview.

For 27 years Dr. Stefan Röber has been a scientist, product developer, and idea generator at tesa. For several years, he was project manager and in charge of the location development in Suzhou, China. The Doctor of Physics has been heading the tesa Product and Technology Development with its over 500 experts for 14 years. He is a member of the Global Executive Committee since 2020 – And since the first of April, 2021, has additionally been responsible as Chief Sustainability Officer, which makes him responsible for the development of sustainable products, for environmentally friendly production processes as well as certifications and for the company alignment with the global commitments that tesa is facing. Röber is father of two children and an enthusiastic hobby cyclist and sailor. 

Dr. Stefan Röber, Chief Sustainability Officer


Mr. Röber, you've been nominated our new Chief Sustainability Officer. Where does tesa currently stand in terms of sustainability?

Dr. Stefan Röber: First of all, the good news: We are not rediscovering the field of 'Sustainability' at tesa but are building on a very solid foundation. My position has been created to further strengthen the meaningful connection with my area of product and technology development.


Last year, tesa managed to come up with some quite remarkable results. We've also developed and now presented a new 'Sustainability Agenda'. Between 2001 and 2019, tesa was able to reduce CO2 emissions by 48% as well as VOC emissions by as much as 92%. Over the same period, the use of solvents also fell by 40%. That was a big step for us as a company and there are great passion and energy behind these results.

However, we must continue to step up our efforts at various levels – and we must do it now. Because the global trend towards sustainability will become even more dynamic. In the future, multinational technology companies such as tesa can only be successful if they perform significantly better than prescribed by legal environmental requirements. Sustainability is ever more turning into a competitive factor, among other things, also with regard to the recruitment of highly qualified employees. And our customers too expect sustainable products from us.

Where will this journey lead us at tesa?

Dr. Stefan Röber: Our goal is to take a leading position internationally in terms of sustainability. We've identified three core areas for our activities – customers, environment, and society. 

"Our goal is to take a leading position internationally in terms of sustainability." 
Dr. Stefan Röber

Chief Sustainability Officer

We will do everything we can to improve our carbon footprint, including in particular the so-called Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. In other words: In what ways can we ourselves reduce CO₂ emissions with our products and production processes? Moreover, we also take a very close look at the Scope 3 values. This implies, for example, the use of recycled or raw materials from renewable sources, that have a lower CO₂ impact in the value chain. 

Another important aspect involves offering – what we like to call - Enabler Products, which can help to empower our customers to produce more sustainably themselves. Bond & Detach for fixing and removing batteries in smartphones is a good example of this. Only a development by tesa made it possible in the first place that since a few years batteries can be easily replaced. 

Among other things, we are now working to ensure that tapes can also be removed again without leaving any residue, so that the materials previously bonded together can be recycled according to their type. We know that many customers, who have held tesa in high esteem for many years because of our core competency of secure bonding to a variety of materials, will from now on be placing this requirement on us.

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What opportunities does tesa have for setting important accents? Where in particular could we achieve a lot?

Dr. Stefan Röber: Honesty must always be part of the discussion about sustainability. tesa is a technology company – and we work with chemical substances. That will never change. All the more, we have set ourselves a high level of ambition. 

Because we firmly believe that ambitious goals will move us forward quickly and allowing us to make great strides at both technology and product levels. In addition, the compostability of adhesive tapes, for example in the case of tapes for the packaging industry, is increasingly coming into focus in many countries. We will develop solid sustainable solutions that stand up to thorough scientific scrutiny.


Which exciting new projects can you already reveal?

Dr. Stefan Röber: Our current 'sustainability portfolio' is quite impressive. At the moment, we have almost 50 active projects in Product and Technology Development, that directly contribute to our Sustainability Agenda: two thirds at product level and one third at technology level. The spectrum ranges from bio-based PET adhesive tapes for new smartphones to sustainable hole covers for the automotive industry as well as tapes for end users that can simply be thrown in the compost bin after use. In the technology sector, we work on projects that are rather difficult to explain in just a few words. These include, for example, adhesive masses made from biobased monomers and high-performance biodegradable (compostable) adhesive systems.

"Our current sustainability portfolio is quite impressive. At the moment, we have almost 50 active projects in Product and Technology Development, that directly contribute to our Sustainability Agenda."
Dr. Stefan Röber

Chief Sustainability Officer

Our sustainability strategy

The core of our sustainability strategy is the new 'tesa Sustainability Agenda'. It serves as a handbook to align our actions holistically along the entire value chain of the company in a more sustainable way. Segmented into the areas Environment, Customers, and Society, the agenda contains specific goals and measures that are clearly explained in the Sustainability Report 2020.  

tesa Sustainability Report 2020