The development processes at tesa are based on three main principles: The Component Development, the Process Development, and the Product Development.

Research & Development

Innovation is the basis of our success and the engine driving our company’s dynamic growth. tesa’s two hundred employees at its own laboratories in Germany, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and China are constantly at work on transforming innovative ideas into new products, applications, and system solutions and on improving existing products. Every year, tesa applies for patents for an average of 70 new developments.



Our success is only as great as the benefits of our products. We are continually at work on new solutions that help our customers to arrange their working processes more effectively.

We strengthen our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive system solutions by recognizing the needs and wishes of our customers and reacting flexibly to specific requirements and market trends.

We achieve nearly half of our total sales revenue with products that we have launched on the market within the past five years. The fact that our company has such great power to innovate is strategically significant.

Our development of new adhesive tape components and technology platforms ensures our growth and competitiveness for the long term and paves the way for us to enter new markets. The research work we carry out in our labs is just one part of the innovation process.

We take into account economic and technical aspects, analyze market potential, and examine environmental issues. One of our primary goals is to eliminate or considerably reduce the use of solvents in our production processes.

The development processes at tesa are based on three main principles: Component Development, Process Development, and Product Development. Only close cooperation among the three divisions can ensure a successful innovation process.

Three Different Disciplines – One Single Common Goal