Join Us at NATM - Booth 419

Join Us at NATM - Booth 419

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What does ACXplus mean for your production process?

ACXplus 7065


tesa's high performance ACXplus line of acrylic core tapes can improve your production processes and reduce costs when mounting side panels and stiffener bars. Unlike liquid glues, ACXplus does not require excessive cure times and eliminates mess and waist. By using ACXplus 7065 instead of mechanical fasteners, you can also eliminate holes in body panels, reducing corrosion points and creating a seamless, uniform look.

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Benefits of tesa® ACXplus

Potential application points for ACXplus on trailer body
  • Superior bonding power
  • Temperature resistant
  • Decreased production times
  • Weather resistant
  • Compensates for static, dynamic, and temperature forces
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ACXplus vs. Alternatives

The high degree of oxidation resistance is based on the fully saturated carbon chain, which is the foundation of the acrylates used in tesa® ACXplus. The special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature-resistance network and allows for a long-lasting bonds – even on materials with different surface characteristics.
  • No cure time                                                                   
  • No mess
  • Outstanding cold shock resistance
  • Superior stress dissipation
  • Accounts for thermal expansion
  • Eliminates holes in body panels - no corrosion points
  • Reduced application time
  • Creates a seamless and uniform look
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High Versatility

High Resistance

High Adhesion