tesa NATM trailer

Mounting tracks, side posts, and gravel guards

Our acrylic core tapes offer extremely high bonding strength, making them especially suited for mounting applications.


Mounting emblems and number plates

Our adhesive tapes resist extreme environmental conditions and ensure reliable mounting of emblems and number plates.


Surface protection

Our films provide surface protection during the production and transportation of the vehicle.


Fitting floor coverings and roof systems

Our double-sided adhesive tapes offer reliable bonding of floor coverings together with easy removal.

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Mounting add-on components

Our adhesive tapes resist all external influences that a vehicle may be exposed to over the course of its service life.


Roof repairs

Our butyl tapes provide an air and watertight seal, offering permanent surface repairs for a wide variety of substrates.


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We Ensure Reliable Bonding

Adhesive bonds must stand up to exceptionally high stresses and loading factors. Our adhesive tapes developed for trailers satisfy all manufacturer requirements and are in use around the world.

Mounting tracks and stiffening bars

Mounting add-on components

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tesa® 4965
62.12 oz/in
105.06 oz/in
PET film
tackified acrylic
tesa® 4970
88.62 oz/in
118.77 oz/in
PVC film
tackified acrylic

Mounting floor and roof

Mirror mounting

Mounting emblems and number plates


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Surface protection

Repairing tapes

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