tesa Print & Paper Assortment Overview


Plate-mounting Solutions

Stable performance throughout the printing process
Plate-mounting Assortment Overview

Splicing Tapes

Click here to learn more about our different splicing solutions: for film, paper or corrugated splicing.

tesa® Splicing Tapes
Splicing Tapes for Paper and Film

Process Tapes

Core starter, end tabbing

tesa® Process Tapes for flexo printing
Process Tapes for Flexographic Printing


Machine operator spilling ink
Machine operator spilling ink

What lies at the heart of tesa ? Quite simply, a fascination with adhesives


At tesa , adhesion defines us. It’s who we are. Our self-adhesive products and technologies solve complex problems across a wide variety of industries. There is a unique story behind everything we do that starts with a love for creating bonds and ends with sustainable solutions that help move the world forward. 




We’re here to help you


The first bond we create is with you. Through an expert consultation, we learn the ins and outs of your business, because no two are the same. We then develop a tailored solution unique to your operation. We strive to help you improve process predictability and avoid the snags that can lead to downtime. Working together, we help to optimize your production line, saving you time, money and resources.


All of this makes the world a better place – for you, your customers and your customer’s customer. 


Our Print & Paper Mission

We’re a partner to the printing industry

Twinlock Activating Machine that is designed to clean the surface of the tesa Twinlock sleeve automatically
Twinlock Activating Machine that is designed to clean the surface of the tesa Twinlock sleeve automatically

After more than 80 years in business, we’ve learned a few things about our customers and the printing industry. Your challenges are unique. So are our solutions.

Through experience, we know:

  • It’s all about your customer.
  • Efficiency is key to profitability.

We understand that you’ve made a promise to your customer, and we’re going to help you fulfill that commitment in the most efficient and effective way possible – whether that’s through improving your splicing capabilities, or providing plate mounting solutions you can truly rely upon. We want to help you focus on keeping your business running smoothly and keeping your customers happy.  

And, if there’s no apparent solution to a problem? Bring it to us anyway. We find answers to your toughest problems, even if the answer doesn’t yet exist. In fact – that’s where we really get into our zone. It’s what drives us to innovate. We file an average of more than 70 patents per year because our customers trust us to help them find answers. 

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Solutions that keep your production line moving

  1. The breadth of our printing product assortment is unrivaled, with something for everyone – from plate mounting to splicing to process tapes – and the right solution for you.
  2. Our products and technologies help you be more efficient and more successful – and provide you with peace of mind.
  3. We are “tape nerds” who get a kick out of creating a bond out of nothing so we relentlessly invest in innovation and won't rest until we find a solution.

People who understand your business

tesa Support Team
tesa Support Team

We prefer to be on a first-name basis – right from the start. Our sales specialists Keara, Rachel, Jeff and Tim (and Nick and Kelly and Tyler and Ashley and David, too) are pretty amazing in their own, unique ways. Plus, they each have about 20 years of experience – on average – in the print and paper industry. They’ll come to you with the ability to quickly grasp any issue, and may even have immediate suggestions for improving your productivity.

Though they might be the only person you see, they are not alone. Our sales team is supported by a technical “brain trust,” including experienced engineers and laboratory researchers (hi, Alix and Metin). So, when they need to dig deeper for a unique solution to meet your needs, they’re well equipped to do just that.

We’re going to want to talk about your current challenges as well as your vision for the future. You want to go to the moon? We'll find a way!

Remember – we love to create bonds! So get ready, because we’re going to stick around.

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Meet the Team

Our commitment to you

  1. Working with tesa  is a truly collaborative experience – our senior experts make the difference. 
  2. We are in the business of making your business successful. That's what comes first for us.
  3. You are unique. So are your needs. We can't wait to find the right solution for YOU!

Our values

Happy flexo printer with tesa support team
Happy flexo printer with tesa support team

We take our responsibility to adhere to sustainable practices to heart. As a global company, we work hard to minimize the impact of our business activity on the environment – while upholding high quality of life standards for both the planet and people. This is firmly anchored in our business strategy and management practices.

But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond reducing our carbon footprint to include the intangible values, like positively impacting our customers’ and employees' individual worlds. It also means enabling you to turn orders around faster and easier, freeing up time for you to focus on more important things, or, for our team members to coach their kids' soccer teams, or volunteer in their communities. Our goal is for the tesa  family – and the customers we serve – to lead healthier, more sustainable, more balanced lives.

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Together, we can make the world a better place

  1. We offer sustainable solutions – including the development of new ways of packaging to reduce waste.
  2. We help top brands and leading printers be more sustainable by eliminating waste and rethinking industry practices.
  3. We strive to make the world a little better every day.

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