New Premium Filament Tapes for the Fixation of Metal Coils

Whether you are shipping steel, copper, or aluminum, the fixation of metal coils with reliable filament tapes is essential for the safety of your staff.

Oct 1, 2018

After intensive research by our R&D team, tesa® is launching a new range of premium filament tapes with fiber glass reinforcements. They provide durability in cases where regular strapping tapes are not strong enough to withstand very heavy weight, high abrasion levels, or extreme shear force. This makes them especially suited for applications in the metal manufacturing and processing industries.

The new filament tapes tesa® 53311, 53314, 53393, and 53398 create a secure bond to steel and other metal surfaces even if they are slightly oily. They have a high tensile strength with low elongation. Due to the special formulation of the adhesive, these tapes will not lift up or tear during the transportation of the metal coils. Once they have arrived at the target destination, the tapes can be removed without leaving residues – there is no need for cleaning the metal coils, and no material is lost.

End Coil Tabbing with Premium Filament Tape
End Coil Tabbing with Premium Filament Tape

Securing Metal Coils with Filament Tapes

The new fiber glass tapes can be used for the fixation of metal coils, but also for metal splicing and metal bundling. The assortment comprises two tapes with natural rubber adhesive and two tapes with synthetic rubber adhesive. The total thickness ranges from 170 to 220 µm.

If you would like to know more about the fixation of metal coils with our new filament tapes, please get in touch with us or with your local distributor!