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Covering tape for foldable and 5G smartphones

When more flexibility and functionality is needed, we provide solutions.

Jul 17, 2019

Ask yourself, what kind of smartphone do you want? We would never want a “smartphone” with a rigid screen or slow 2G/3G signal. We don’t want the screen to be too big for our hands; we just want it to flip, fold and disappear. We don’t want an interrupted signal keeping us from exploring the world. We want to exchange information seamlessly, live smartly and be fully understood by our friends and surroundings. The key question is: what is a smartphone used for? During our limited lifespan, we wish to broaden our life experiences. Smartphones, as an efficient medium were designed to satisfy this desire. That is why we constantly have the needs for smartphones to be more flexible and functional and why the market has faith in the value of flexible displays, foldable phones and 5G bandwidth. tesa has researched and developed the 7905 tape with the mission to make smartphones even more flexible and functional in design, thereby speeding up the release of foldable phones and 5G smartphones on the market. 

In foldable phones, the flexible OLEDs of the multilayer structure must undergo bending tests. Ultrathin tape structure can minimize the impact when folding the screen while blocking the light. In 5G smartphones, high speed signal transmission and more functional components generate more heat. Ultrathin tape efficiently lowers the thermal resistance and supports heat dissipation. When more features, such as wireless charging and fingerprint recognition, are added for the next generation of smartphones, ultrathin covering tape can free up a lot of space for designing purposes and reduce the thickness of the multi-layer structure. 7905 has a relatively higher adhesion strength than the existing products on the market, allowing it to effectively protect the thin sheet structures such as the heat-dissipating graphite sheets and magnetic isolation sheets.

Designing and producing phones with foldable screens and 5G features is already such a hard work – Please let tesa® 7905 be by your side to bring you more design and manufacturing freedom. This 5 μm single-sided tape with black matte backing will block light and create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing effect for the interior of your smartphones.                                             

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